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Who and What is BGC6 Training Group...

 Established in 2021, and based out of southern New Jersy, BGC6 Training Group, LLC is a Veteran Law Enforcement owned and operated firearms, tactics, personal defense and medical training company that provides education and training to law enforcement, military professionals and like-minded responsible civilians. Additionally, BGC6 Training Group offers home and personal defense products including an in-depth testing, evaluation and product development program.  

 BGC6 Training Group is comprised of experienced and specially trained instructors who are equipped with the necessary skills and equipment to provide quality training to its students. All BGC6 Training Group instructors are either active or retired law enforcement, military and or emergency services personnel. 

****** NOTICE ******
All New Course Dates, Descriptions and Locations will be dropping soon for
June 2024 and beyond!!!  


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